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 NGS Workshops for Biologists                                                        


Indian Society for Plant Physiology along with Bionivid Technology Pvt Ltd, will conduct series of workshops on NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) data analysis during IPP Congress.

These workshops are specifically designed for Biologists interested in learning about Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology data analysis.  Each workshop will include hands-on practical session and focused classroom presentations to introduce the participants to the Genome Informatics tools available for analysis of NGS data.  The participants will be provided with “Genome Station Technology” powered laptops (on sharing basis) pre-loaded with optimized Operating Systems, training datasets and analytics tools.

Workshops will be confucted in the following areas

          Whole Genome Resequencing Analysis

          RNA/Transcriptome de novo Analysis

          Transcriptome Resequencing Analysis

          RNA/Transcriptome de novo Analysis

          Small RNA Analysis

Each workshop would be conducted for 4 hours with MAXIMUM of 10 participants.


Registration fee of INR 2000/- per participant per workshop will be charged









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